Financial Stewardship

As a non-profit organization whose programs are funded by foundations, businesses, and individuals, we are aware of the importance of every donated dollar and all donated supplies. We have two promises to our donors and the populations their donations are impacting.

Our first promise is that we’ll stretch out every dollar we receive so that we can help improve the health and quality of life for as many individuals living in Solano County as possible.

Our second promise is that we’ll be honest about how we use our financial resources to benefit local communities. The Coalition’s Board of Directors are experienced leaders in their fields who monitor our organization’s expenses and programs’ progress so that we stick to our yearly goals and objectives. This level of financial transparency is another way we hope to show potential donors and those who benefit from their donations that we are a fiscally and socially responsible non-profit organization that will use all donations to benefit underserved populations living in Solano County through our several community programs.