Starting With Five New Year’s Resolutions That Can Change Your Life

Submitted on behalf of the American Cancer Society by Elizabeth Monteadora

Keeping your New Year’s resolutions throughout the year is easier when you get support. The American Cancer Society – which provides free services and is creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays – offers many free resources to help Californians attain their New Year’s goals and change their life.

  • Quit Smoking – People who quit smoking, regardless of their age, live longer than people who continue to smoke. By quitting, a person decreases their chances of heart disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, uterine cervix, kidney, bladder and lung. Call the California Smokers’ Helpline at (800) NO-BUTTS for support, including motivational self-help materials, telephone counseling and referrals to local tobacco cessation resources.

      ·    Eat Healthy, Get Exercise, Lose Weight – For the majority of Americans who do not use tobacco, eating well – along with being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight – is the best defense against diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association have joined together in a campaign to help Americans make smart choices every day regarding their health. Visit for tips, tools and more information.

  • Volunteer – Regardless of sex, ethnicity or other demographics, people who give time to help others have proven longer life expectancies. More than 160,000 California volunteers provide support to cancer patients, their caregivers and loved ones through American Cancer Society activities that range from fundraising events and advocacy to one-on-one support and providing transportation to treatment. Call 800.227.2345 to get involved in your community.

      ·    Schedule necessary screenings and doctor appointments – As adults age, their chances of being diagnosed with cancer and other medical conditions increase. Schedule necessary check-ups and screenings to catch cancers at their earliest stage, and, in the case of colon cancer, even prevent it. Visit to learn about cancer screening guidelines and sign up yourself or a loved one for a reminder to get an annual mammogram.

  • Join the movement for more birthdays – For nearly 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been working to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. The movement for more birthdays is about everyday people, just like you, coming together to make a difference. This year more than 11 million cancer survivors will celebrate another birthday, thanks in part to the progress we’ve already made. But we can’t stop there. With every person who joins the movement, we can get closer to the day when cancer never steals another year from someone’s life. It all starts by helping people stay well and get well, and by finding cures and fighting back. Visit to join the movement.

Elizabeth Monteadora is Director of Community Health Initiatives, Solano, Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Contra Costa, Mendocino and Lake Counties and is a member of Solano Coalition for Better Health