The Solano Coalition for Better Health leads collaborative efforts to resolve health care
challenges and improve health outcomes for all members of the Solano County community.

Our Values


The Coalition is a collaborative of professionals focusing their efforts to benefit the community, neighborhoods and people of Solano County.


The Coalition recognizes and values the diverse communities and people within Solano County, and seeks their participation to improve the health of all county residents. The Coalition recognizes and prioritizes the importance of a diverse and culturally competent multi-lingual network of health and social service providers.


The Coalition is innovative in its approach to addressing the health needs of Solano County residents. The Coalition values innovative approaches in responding to health issues that affect our communities.

Outcome Driven

The Coalition focuses its effort on planning and implementing programs and activities with tangible outcomes.


The Coalition is committed to being proactive in addressing issues and problems. Using forums, task forces, work groups and standing committees, the Coalition engages community dialogue around health subject matters of importance to the community.

Individual Responsibility

The Coalition recognizes the importance of individual and community involvement in, and ownership of, matters that affect their health.


Coalition participants are people who are personally committed, and dedicate their time, talent, and knowledge to promote the Coalition’s mission.

Financial Stewardship

The Coalition ensures that funds entrusted to it from grants or other funding sources are prudently managed.