POP-2This last Thursday evening, SCBH executive director, Joanie Erickson, was invited to a presentation by the inmates of the State Prison in Vacaville where they were distributing proceeds from a recent fund raiser. The inmates participate in a group called Prisoner Outreach Program (POP). POP brings children who are at risk of being incarcerated into the prison to provide the children a glimpse of prison life, as well as mentorship and support.

Twice each year, POP also conducts a fund raiser where they bring outside food into the prison to sell to other inmates. This year, they selected Solano Coalition for Better Health’s Solano Kids Insurance Program (SKIP) as one of the beneficiaries, and presented Ms. Erickson with a check for $7,100!

Solano Coalition for Better Health wishes to express our gratitude to the Prisoner Outreach Program for their generous donation which makes the work of SKIP possible.